Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do i solve this equation?

ax-c=bx d

how do i solve for x?
do this:

ax-bx=d c (get Xs on one side)

x(a-b)=d c (factor out x)

x = (d c) / (a-b) (divide by (a-b))
ax-c=bx d


ax-bx=c d

x(a-b)=c d

x=(c d)/(a-b)

What evidence contradicted the idea that heat was a fluid?

from count rumford
The fundamental observation is that a hot object does not lose mass as it cools. If heat were a fluid, cooling would cause a loss of mass and heating would cause an increase of mass.
From what I remember from high-school, it was a realization that it contradicted the laws of conservation (you could

I need to make a air tank on the cheap ? pvc?

i need to make a 300 gallon tank for like 30$ :D

also are there really wide pvc pipes so that i could achieve this?

like 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall?
it depends on how much pressure you need in this tank.

if the pressure is low then maybe you could get a couple of plastic barrels and join them. For the price you mention, I doubt you will be able to get a pipe this size.
For $30?

I don

How can astronomy benefit us?


I need some help with car insurance please.?

About a year ago my husband and I sold a car. We went through the usual channels with dealing with the plates, calling the insurance company and so on. Well today we got our yearly insurance cards in the mail and didn

Calculate the mass of 2.50 mol of CH3OH(1)?

Just multiply the number of moles by its molar weight

molar weight of CH3OH:

C = 1 x 12.0 = 12.0

O= 1 x 16.0 = 16.0

H= 4 x 1.01 = 4.04

Total = 32.04 g/mole

(2.50 moles)(32.04 g/mole) = 80.1 g

What is the difference between bacteria ad germs?

germs is the common term used to identify the microorganisms which cause diseases to humans

it is not a scientific term

bacteria are one of the groups of microorganisms (others are, viruses, fungi , algae)

they may be useful to us and cause harm to us at the same time

all germs are bad to the body but not all bacteria
Germs don